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Many don't think of a windshield as being much more than the object that protects you from the wind while driving. Are you aware that your car's windshield is a vital piece of safety equipment? It is estimated that up to 70% of your car's structural integrity is provided by the windshield in the event of a rollover. Your windshield also provides the needed support for your passenger side airbag deployment. Given these important safety facts, it should be obvious that if your windshield is damaged you should get it fixed as soon as possible. Even small cracks and chips have the potential to turn into larger issues if they should spread. Call Reliable Auto Glass today and we will fix your windshield!


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Auto Glass Replacement Safety

A safe auto glass replacement actually has very little to do with the glass. Is it really worth risking your safety to save a few dollars on your windshield replacement? There are a number of steps an auto glass shop can overlook to speed up the windshield replacement process and offer you a slightly lower price for the replacement. However, the corners cut to give you that lower price include overlooking or ignoring basic windshield replacement safety steps. At Reliable Auto Glass, we take your safety very seriously and will do everything we can to provide each customer with a safe replacement that will last for years to come. Look over the few points below that outline the basic steps employed by Reliable Auto Glass technicians for each and every windshield replacement they perform.

  1. Completely remove all old adhesive from the vehicle frame - This ensures a good bond between the new adhesive and the vehicle frame and also ensures that any pre-existing damage to the frame is not overlooked.
  2. Thoroughly inspect the vehicle frame for damage such as corrosion, rust, cracks, or flex - Damage to the vehicle frame will eventually affect your new windshield and can lead to all sorts of problems with the windshield and the front interior of the vehicle.
  3. Double-check the frame for damage, pieces of old molding, left over adhesive, and other debris - To further guarantee your new windshield is as safe as it possibly can be, our technicians always double-check for anything that may affect the integrity of your new windshield.
  4. Once applied, the bead of new adhesive is checked for gaps and bubbles - Any break in the bead of windshield adhesive could damage your new windshield which could lead to a break, stress crack, wind noise, and/or water leak.